Boot Camp Gift Guide

Wondering what to buy for your new Marine when you see him on Family Day before graduation? Read below to view the top gifts and memorabilia items parents and family can buy for their new Marine!

1. Challenge Coins

Carried by Marines throughout history, challenge coins are an iconic part of the Marine Corps. Celebrate your Marine’s completion of boot camp by purchasing him a battalion challenge coin! Other popular options include a Crucible Coin as well as MCRD San Diego coins. Also available at the museum gift shop are coin presentation boxes which can hold one, two, or three coins.

2. Insulated Water Bottle

Your new Marine knows the importance of hydration. Keep them properly hydrated by purchasing this 40oz insulated water bottle as a graduation gift! Each bottle features a double walled stainless steel design perfect for keeping drinks cold for hours.

3. USMC Sweatshirt

Perfect for early morning runs or casual wear, this USMC sweatshirt features a timeless design and color scheme. Purchase this sweatshirt for your Marine as a gift!

4. KA BAR Knife

Carried by Marines for decades, the KA BAR knife is an iconic piece of Marine Corps history. With a 7 inch serrated edge and high quality leather sheath, this gift is one which can be treasured and passed down for generations.

5. American Flag

An American flag presented to your new Marine on his graduation day is something he will remember for the rest of his life. Purchase this 3’x5’ embroidered American flag and present it to him on his graduation day! Presentation shadow boxes available!

6. MCX Gift Card

MCX Gift Cards allow your Marine to purchase food, drinks, and Marine essentials from MCX stores around the world. Any Marine will appreciate the convenience of this gift!