Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day 2020 just around the corner, here are some great gift ideas for the special Marine or Marine family member in your life! Browse our gift suggestions or our Gift Collections for Him and for Her then save 25% off your purchase through February 7th with offer code: Valentine'sDay

Gifts for Her:

1. USMC Gold Charm Necklace - Versatile yet elegant, this gold USMC charm necklace is perfect for the loved one in your life! Get it here!

2. Sterling Silver EGA Necklace - This sterling silver EGA necklace features delicate detailing and impeccable craftsmanship. Order this beautiful, veteran-made, sterling silver EGA necklace here!

3. USMC Purse Holder - This nifty gadget is perfect for anyone who carries a purse on a daily basis. Each coin sized USMC purse holder unfolds to reveal a hook perfect for holding a purse or small bag from any table or bar surface. Get it here!

4. Marine Corps Charm Bangle Set - Always fashionable, this USMC charm bracelet set features three size adjustable gold loops with an attached Marine Corps charm. Order this charm bangle set here!

5. Uniformed Bulldog Stuffed Animal - Perfect for that special someone in your life, this 9" uniformed bulldog stuffed animal is outfitted in camouflage. Order this bulldog or our dress blues version here.


Gifts for Him:

1. Marine Corps Ring - This beautiful United States Marine Corps ring features a gold EGA set over a faux ruby gemstone. Get it here!

2. Marine Corps Belt Buckle - This USMC belt buckle features rope detailing and a textured face. A great gift for any Marine Corps veteran! Order it here!

3. Red EGA Money Clip - Perfect for carrying cash or cards, this polished gold Marine Corps money clip features a center set red EGA. Get it here!

4. Marine Corps Seal Wall Art - Crafted from shiny stainless steel, this Marine Corps wall art piece is perfect for mounting in any home or office. Order yours here!

5. USMC License Plate Frame - Show your Marine Corps pride while on the go! Our collection of USMC license plate frames includes options for veterans, retired Marines, Marine Dads, and more! Order here!