Fox Company 2nd Recruit Training Battalion Plt's 2129 - 2133 Graduation

Fox Company 2nd Bn Graduation from MCRD San Diego [5 June 2020]

Graduating this Week:
Congratulations to Fox Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion! Watch them graduate from MCRD San Diego online now!
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Graduation video property of the United States Marine Corps. Watch previous MCRD San Diego graduation videos here. The MCRD Museum Foundation is here to provide access to not only this MCRD boot camp graduation video but also a variety of other free resources. Click here to view a list of a few other free resources available to our Marine families.
MCRD San Diego Graduation Schedule
Delta Company Graduation (1061-1065) - 3 April
Hotel Company Graduation (2161-2165) - 10 April
Mike Company Graduation (3261-3265) - 24 April
Alpha Company Graduation (1001-1007) - 1 May
Golf Company Graduation (2141-2147) - 8 May
Kilo Company Graduation (3221-3225) - 22 May
Charlie Company Graduation (1041-1045) - 29 May
Fox Company Graduation (2129-2133) - 5 June
Lima Company Graduation (3249-3253) - 12 June
Bravo Company Graduation (1029-1033) - 26 June
Echo Company Graduation (2109-2113) - 10 July
India Company Graduation (3209-3213) - 17 July
Delta Company Graduation (1069-1073) - 24 July
Hotel Company Graduation (2169-2173) - 31 July

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