Echoes From The Halls: Short Stories of Marines and Navy Corps from Who Served from WW2 Through the Modern Day by Gregg Stoner (Paperback)

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Marines and Navy Corpsmen tell their unique stories about experiences they had during their careers. Many of their careers were brought short by debilitating wounds received during battles or from land mines. Some have received Purple Hearts for injuries, and many had to return to battle after healing. The stories are about daily life in the Marines and Navy, the unique and little things that make life interesting to men who, at any moment could be called to action to hot-zone somewhere in the world. Most of the stories in this book come from the website "The Halls of Montezuma", a site designed as a meeting place for Marines and Navy Corpsmen. The stories reflect their feelings about what they did and how it impacted their lives. The stories range from serious to humorous. All wrote from the heart.