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Experience the thrill of battle as Discovery takes an up close and personal look at the training, skills and tactics that have made the United States Marine Corps the greatest military task force on earth. From dangerous aerial search-and-destroys to perilous urban combat missions, First to Fight: Living Up to the Legacy pays tribute to the proud few, the men and women of the US Marines!

MOUNTAIN MARINES To prepare for combat in extreme mountain terrains, the Second Battalion, Eighth Marines spend one month training in conditions closely matching those found in Afghanistan and northern Iraq.

MARINE CORPS SURVIVAL SCHOOL PART 1 Join twenty-five Marines as they take a grueling four-week training class at the Mountain Warfare Training School in Bridgeport, California, one of the toughest survival schools on the planet.

MARINE CORPS SURVIVAL SCHOOL PART 2 Thrown into the wilderness, the students undergo the harshest phase of their training. Taught to survive in pairs or as a group, the question of leadership becomes the most critical issue of all.

DELTA COMPANY: THE PUSH TO BAGHDAD As the war in Iraq begins, the Marines of Delta Company lead a 50-mile convoy across bridges and minefields where their tanks face heavy armed resistance on the road to Baghdad.

DELTA COMPANY: A NEW ERA IN BAGHDAD Overcoming enemy resistance at the Diyala Bridge, Delta Company triumphantly enters Baghdad, where victorious Marines join the civilian population in celebration and help topple statues of Saddam Hussein.

WEAPONOLOGY: USMC In the air, on land or at sea, the United States Marine Corps is the ultimate combined arms forces unit. The Corps? entire development is traced, from its 18th century origins as shipboard warriors to the intrepid insurgent hunters of today.

THE FIGHT FOR FALLUJAH A fierce and bloody battle, Fallujah created a special breed of Marines, one schooled in intense hand-to-hand combat and urban warfare unlike anything that?s engaged the US military since Vietnam.

TASK FORCE RED DOG Operating deep in Afghanistan, Marine reservist pilots escort Special Forces and infantry troops across treacherous mountain passes in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.