From Hell to Victory: Marines In The Pacific DVD

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They were teenagers who became more than men, they became Marines. With the world in conflict, they saw, smelled, and tasted war on the most intensely personal level. They stood on the rails of darkened troopships and wondered how long they had to live. They saw too many of their best friends die in the most horrible ways possible. Marines in the Pacific is the unforgettable tale that Hollywood can't tell. In this extraordinary 3 DVD set you'll learn the true story of the boys who answered the call of duty, a call that took them into combat against the toughest opponent in America's history; the Empire of Japan. Across fire-swept beaches, in trackless jungles, on rugged coral ridges, the marines of World War II kept going. Every battle, every campaign, each freshly dug grave was a marker on the Road to Victory. In Marines of the Pacific you will hear the complete story told by the veterans who were there. To them "kill or be killed" was more than empty words, to them it was life and death!"

Rated G. Run time: 270 minutes.