World War I "Teufel Hunden" Centennial Challenge Coin

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Order the WWI Centennial Challenge Coin, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of The Great War and the United States Marines bravery at The Battle Belleau Wood. June 26, 1918, was the end of the most important and significant battles in the Marine Corps history, This battle established the prestige for the bravery of the Marines Corps overseas and helped change the course of The Great War in favor of the Allies. Due to their bravery, the "Devil Dog" nickname was born. 

This large, 2 inch diameter coin features a 3-Dimensional, WWI centennial challenge design displaying a scenery of The "Battle of Belleau Wood" on the front and the "Devil Dog" on the back. 

Celebrate this monumental moment in the history of Marine Corps, by getting your WWI "Teufel Hunden" Centennial Challenge Coin. 

Thank you for all your support of the MCRD Command Museum. All proceeds support our programs for Marines, Sailors, Veterans, and Gold Star Families. Semper Fidelis!